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António da Costa Fernandes,

Ambassador Extraordinanry and Plennipotentiary of Republic of Angola to the Arab Republic of Egypt




Name António da Costa Fernandes,

Date of birth: April 26, 1942 in Cabinda - Angola,

Parents: Antonio joão Fernandes (died in 1945) and IIda da Costa (died in 1958);

Primary Education: D. Duarte Lopes Primary School in Cabinda from 1949 to 1954;

Secondary and philosophical Education: Minor and Major Seminary of Luanda from 1954 to 1961 ;

Pre-University Education: Migroschule in Luzern (Switzerland) in 1962;

Universityof Political Science and Sociology - University of Fribourg 1962-1965;

Military Course: Academy of Nankim (Rep. Popular of China) 1965-1966;

Co-founder  of Unita in Champaix in Switzerland in October of 1963;

Representative  of Unita in Cairo (Egypt) of 1.966-1970;

Guerrilla fighter  in the forests of the east of Angola 1970-1971;

Secretary  for the External Relations of Unita and its Representative in Lusaka 1971 - 1974;

From 1966-1974  participated and led various delegations of Unita in Conferences of the Liberation Committee of OUA  to the several capitals of the African Continent.

Member of the Delegation of Unita  in the negotiations for Reconciliation between Fnla, Mpla and Unita  in Nakuru (Kenya) in December of 1974;

Member of the Delegation of Unita  in the negotiations in Penina - Algarve (Portugal) for the Independence of Angola, in January 1975;

Secretary for Information of Unita in Luanda  from January to August of 1975;

Representative of Unita  in London (UK) from 1976 to 1979; during this period and as correspondent of Unita  explained the problem of Angola to the different countries of the World namely Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Somalia, Morocco, Togo, Ghana, Zaire, Kenya, Cameroon, Tchad, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Senegal, Portugal, France, Italy, etc. ..

In the end of 1979  criticized strongly the Board of Unita  in Jamba (South of Angola) and dismissed from all political and military functions in February of 1 980;

From 1980 to 1983  took part in the Battalions commanded by the General Alvaro Lutukuta Sachipengo Nunda and Sapalalo Bock in the Provinces of Huambo, Moxico and Lunda;

In 1984  was reinstated to the post of Major in the UNITA  armed forces and at the same time was nominated, in jamba, to carry out as Secretary of Information of Unita and as Deputy Secretary of External Relations;

Ascended as Major General  in 1986 and was nominated Secretary for the External Relations;

Promoted to General of three stars  in November of 1988 and permanent member of Political Bureau;

From 1986 to 1990  traveled with jonas Savimbi intensively to South Africa, United States, France, Portugal, Morocco, Senegal, Togo, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Belgium and Zaire.

In january of 1990  promoted jointly with Durao Barroso ( Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal) the idea of the sponsorship of a meeting between Mpla and Unita to find an end to the war, free elections and implementation of a democratic regime in Angola.

In February of 1990 , in Washington DC, gets the consent and the patronage of the United States of America for Portugal to serve as host of one Conference beginning in April of the same year in Portugal and presided by Durao Barroso. April 1991 finalize a conference with the signature of Peace Agreements between President jose Eduardo for Mpla, jonas Savimbi for Unita and Cavaco Silva for Portugal, Boutros Ghali for the United Nations and Uweri Museveni for OUA.

Not agreeing  with the Peace plans of Unita for Angola resigns in February of 1992 and shifts residence to Santarern (Portugal) and await entrance in the Bank of Commerce & Industry and Trade of Lisbon.

After a short while  was contacted by the Government of Angola and accepted to return to the country where contributed in a decisive role for the victory of Mpla in the general elections of September of 1992.

After the elections,  integrated the Ministry of the External Relations and worked with the late minister Venancio de Moura.

In the middle of 1993  was sent to Brazil and with the General Consul in Rio de janeiro, Dr. Ismael Diogo da Silva, participated in conferences in the whole country, giving explanations about the elections and the reasons that moved Unita to fight against the New elected Government.

Fluent in  Portuguese, French, English, Ywoio and Lingala.

In September of 1993  was nominated by His Excellency Eng Jose Eduardo dos Santos, Ambassador Extraordinanry and Plennipotentiary of Republic of Angola to Her Majesty Elisabeth II

On September 20, 2005  was nominated as Ambassador of Angola in India and nonresident  for  Thailand and Malaysia.

On November 11, 2005 received from His  Excellency  Eng Jose Eduardo dos Santos, President of the Republic of Angola , the Gold Medal - Order of the Hero of the National Independence.

On June 1, 2011,  was nominated by His Excellency Eng Jose Eduardo dos Santos, Ambassador Extraordinanry and Plennipotentiary of Republic of Angola to the Arab Republic of Egypt and presented the Credential Letters on December 11,2011

Date: 10 Setember , 2012