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More than one hundred foreign investment projects were approved in recent years, reaching a superior 737 million budget.

Until late 1995, were received in the Office of Foreign Investment 633 investment. These proposals, comprising all areas of production, trade and services were valued at 3,641 million US dollars. But the demands of the law, the selection of projects, the troubled climate that the country experienced after 1992 meant that only 171 were considered, of which about a hundred have already been approved, totaling more than 737 million dollars. Are mainly from European countries, with Portugal at the head, followed by the UK, France, Spain, Italy and Ireland.

By sectors, focus on industry (26%), construction (23%), fishing (13%), services (15%) and trade
(7%). The strong presence of the building industry, combined with trade and services, determine the Portuguese supremacy in the approved proposals.

The last two years have been of great activity. And in this time frame were approved 33 projects In 1994, amounting to 74 million dollars, while last year the numbers were 45 proposals valued at $ 100 million. Interestingly, the year 1992 with only 13 projects had the largest capital promised. No less than 416 million dollars. This high figure is due to the fact that this year several projects have been approved for mining, including the diamond in the Catoca (Lunda-Sul) region.




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