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ligaizaProcedure to legalise a document:

The consular section will only authenticate documents translated to Portuguese.

The bundle must be in the following order:

1 - The first page will be the affidavit in portuguese and english. It will have the stamp of the notary. The Foreign Office apostille must be in the back of the affidavit.

2 - The second page(s) must be the translated document.

3 - The original document (in english) or authenticated copy will be annexed after the translated pages.


1- Cover letter stating the name (owner of document), contact (telephone or e-mail), details of the documents to be legalised (title, number of pages, amount paid)

All documents must be accompanied by photocopies (stapled in corresponding bundle).

Documents must be:

- Translated to Portuguese by an official translator;

 - Translated documents authenticated by a Public Notary;

 - Translated and authenticated documents to be legalised with the Apostille of the Foreigner Office (Egypt

The Certificate of Incorporation must ALWAYS be included with any corporate document to be legalised.


Cost of each private legalisation: Private Certificates, Educational Diplomas, Curriculum Vitaes, Medical Documents: 200 L.E per document.

For private documents a photocopy of the applicant's passport must be included.
If the above conditions are not met the legalisation cannot proceed and the documents will be returned.

Processing time: minimum 10 working days

Pickup and delivery of documents: Sunday to Thursday from 09:30 to 11:30.