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pas2To apply for new passport under Decree No. 3/00, 14 January the application form can only be given to you at the Consular Section upon presentation of the document’s below

1. Photocopies of all the pages of the passport (from page 1 to 32) (a).
Original and registration certificate photocopy consular with at least six (6) months date.
2. Copy of Military Coupon Census (Required for male citizens aged between 18 and 20 years).
3. Original and photocopy of ONE OF THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS ANGOLAN:
Birth Certificate issued in Angola.

  1. Lost or stolen passport
  2. - Metropolitan police notification).
    NOTE 1:
    It is mandatory the presence of the petitioner of a national passport.
    Note 2:
    Application for an ordinary passport for adults with disabilities, should also present a signed letter of consent from the legal representative recognized by a notary and with a photocopy of a valid Identity Card.
    An application form fully filled in capital letters, black ink and no errors or erasures, and the signature is only done in the presence of a consular officer; in doubt, leave field blank and point your doubt to the attending staff ;
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