Required documents

1. Letter of the Applicant, addressed to the Angolan Consulate, in which he requests a Medical Treatment Visa, with a notarized signature, to be certified by the same Consulate

2. A fully completed application form ,Fill online and print ;

3. Passport valid for more than 18 months and 2 free pages to put the visa;

4. two (2) photocopies of the main pages of the passport and of the ones containing information on the migratory movement;

5. three (3) personal photos, colored, recent, original, with a white background and without sunglasses (except for a justified medical recommendation). Photos should be pasted on the application;

6. Criminal Record certified by the Consulate (Original and Photocopy of the certified criminal record);

7. Declaration of commitment to obeying the laws in force in the Republic of Angola (with a notarized signature, certified by the Consulate);

8. Document proving the medical examination, duly authenticated by the hospital;

9. Medical report issued by the respective Health Center, certified by the Consulate (Original and Photocopy of the certified report);

10.Means of Subsistence, equivalent to USD 200.00 for each day of stay in Angola (this value must be proven by a bank statement, authenticated with the white seal or oil stamp of the same banking institution);

11.Official Document issued by the entity that superintends the health institution which will assist or operate the applicant in Angola.;

FOR MINORS (In addition to the requirements above mentioned):

• Travel Permission given by the guardians, with notarized signatures;
• Term of responsibility of the guardians, with notarized signatures;
• Original and photocopy of the companion's passport or ID.

OBS: - The answer is given in a maximum period of 60 working days;

          - The visa should be used within 60 days after its issuance and is valid for a 180-day-stay in Angola with multiple entries; it is also extendable in case of resenting fundamental reasons;

          - Proof of Means of Subsistence should be shown and verified at the Border Point.

This visa is granted for making medical treatment in public or private hospitals..